Der Babyschlafsack Vergleich 2023 - 6 Dinge die du beim Kauf beachten solltest

The big baby sleeping bag comparison 2023 - 6 things you should consider when buying

The checklist for the initial equipment can actually be incredibly long for expectant parents. Some are unnecessary, some are essential. But what should be at the top of the list and is of course essential: the right baby sleeping bag! Because we all agree on this topic: a baby should not sleep with a blanket because of the risk of suffocation, but only and exclusively in a sleeping bag and that at least for the entire first year of life. And so we are already spoiled for choice: which baby sleeping bag is actually the right one?

Table of contents:

1. What should you look for when choosing the right baby sleeping bag?
          1. Which size of baby sleeping bag is the right one?
          2. What material should the baby sleeping bag have?
          3. Is the baby sleeping bag comfortable?
          4. What should I look for in zips and buttons?
          5. Should I use a summer/winter/all-season sleeping bag?
          6. What clothes should be worn under the baby sleeping bag?
2. What types of baby sleeping bags are there?
          1. Classic baby sleeping bags
          2. Pucksacks
          3. The closed baby sleeping bag - our Wombi
3. Conclusion

1. What should you consider when choosing the right baby sleeping bag?

1.1. What size of the baby sleeping bag is the right one?

Please never buy a sleeping bag that is too big, as you think that your baby will grow into it quickly. Make sure that the sleeping bag is not too loose and, above all, that it is not cut out too far in the neck area, so that your head could slip in. Important: a baby sleeping bag that is too big can become a suffocation hazard! This formula will help you choose the right size for the baby sleeping bag: body length – head length + 10 cm is the optimal size for the baby sleeping bag.

1.2. Which material should the baby have sleeping bag?

Baby's skin is sensitive, so the material is extremely important. Make sure that the baby sleeping bag has a high cotton content of at least 95%. Cotton is breathable and very suitable for sensitive baby skin. The fabric should ideally have an OEKO-TEX® or even GOTS certification.

1.3. Is the baby sleeping bag comfortable?

In this case, it's quite simple, think inside your baby and think about which sleeping bag you would feel comfortable in. For example, annoying seams, buttons or a zipper in the wrong place are a hindrance and disturb your baby's well-being.

1.4. What do I have to do with zippers and Button regard?

When it comes to the fasteners, you should make sure that they are of high quality and secure. This means that with centrally positioned zippers, care should be taken to ensure that they open downwards or that a chin guard is attached. In addition, the zipper should not open by itself or through the movements of the child. As a rule, the closures are either on the side of the baby sleeping bag or in the middle. Another important criterion is whether the closure is practical. Above all, this means whether you can put your baby on and take off the baby sleeping bag gently and without any problems and whether it can be opened easily for easy diaper changes.

Some sleeping bags also have buttons. For safety reasons, these should always be firmly attached and only attached to the shoulder straps or in the middle. We do not recommend closing the entire baby sleeping bag with buttons, as this will result in heat loss.

1.5. Should I have one Summer/winter/all-season sleeping bag take?

Of course, you should buy the right baby sleeping bag for the season. However, make sure that you do not dress your baby too warmly, because overheating is always more dangerous than if the little ones are too cold. Of course you can also choose a year-round sleeping bag, which usually consists of several removable layers. The TOG values ​​for baby sleeping bags also offer a practical guideline in this context.

1.6. Which Clothing should be worn under the baby sleeping bag?

Depending on the thickness of the baby sleeping bag, the time of year and the room temperature, the choice of clothing is very individual. Children are also very different in their perception of cold and heat. In this context, there is not THE recommendation. What you can do, however, is feel the temperature on your baby's neck. If it's cool there, pack your child a little warmer, but if it's sweating, then you should dress it less thickly. The graphic below can give you some orientation.

2. What types of baby sleeping bags are there?

There are now numerous baby sleeping bag providers, which does not necessarily make the choice easier. In addition, there are different types of baby sleeping bags. We tell you what kind of sleeping bags are practical and safe.

2.1. Classic baby sleeping bags

In the field of classic baby sleeping bags, there are a number of well-known manufacturers who are always the right choice if you are looking for this type of sleeping bag. With manufacturers such as Alvi, Sterntaler or Odenwald, you can be sure that they are of high quality and safe, and the numerous satisfied customers speak for themselves.

2.1.1. Star Coins
The Sterntaler sleeping bags are usually equipped with a slanted zipper and have an optimal, body-hugging cut. Sterntaler makes sure that the neck and armholes fit perfectly, and the sleeping bag also offers optimal protection against injuries thanks to a padded chin guard. Even if the child moves, the sleeping bag remains securely closed. It is characterized by high-quality material and easy care.

2.1.2. Alvi
When you find out about baby sleeping bags, you always come across Alvi and there is a reason for that. Because the pear-shaped sleeping bag offers plenty of legroom and is also really practical. Because the baby sleeping bag runs around a zip, so that it is easy to put on and take off and change diapers. Another advantage - like the model in the picture - is that the sleeping bag consists of several removable layers. Depending on the temperature, you can use the sleeping bag with more or fewer layers. The neckline can be perfectly adjusted with adjustable straps. The fabrics are also OEKO-TEX® certified.

2.1.3. Odenwald
Odenwald with his Prima climate baby sleeping bag can really be seen. Children first have to learn how to regulate their own heat, babies are not able to uncover or cover themselves according to need. The prima klima sleeping bag offers the perfect solution for this. With this innovative baby sleeping bag, it is possible for your child to keep their own body temperature in the optimal range thanks to the integrated climate zone folds. It supports air circulation and prevents the build-up of heat and moisture.

2.1.4. Conclusion of the classic baby sleeping bags

With the classic baby sleeping bags you don't have to worry about the material, fasteners and the safety of your baby. These baby sleeping bags have already been sold in large numbers and have been found to be good. They are also practical and comfortable, but they only offer limited functional properties that, in addition to the good feeling, also lead to a safer sleeping experience for your baby. All manufacturers mentioned have suitable models for the various seasons. It is always a bit difficult to give an exact recommendation, because everyone has different demands on a sleeping bag. The best way to decide which model suits you is to look at the models in a specialist store.

2.2 swaddles

Swaddle bags are characterized by the fact that the children are wrapped tightly with the arms on the body. This type of baby sleeping bag is recommended for restless babies who find it difficult to sleep. Here you have the choice of buying a swaddle that can be closed tightly with Velcro. But to be precise, you don't even need a swaddle, you can use a large cloth to wrap your baby in. The Golden Cross private clinic shows you the right puck technique.

Summary of the puck technique: This type of baby sleeping bag or puck technology itself combines the advantages of the classic baby sleeping bag and has another decisive advantage: the limitation. Many babies simply feel more comfortable when they are hugged tightly and can therefore sleep better. But what about security? A bit critical, because swaddling should actually only be used on newborns who are not yet able to turn around independently. Because as soon as babies can roll over, there is a risk that they will roll onto their stomachs but not be able to roll back - the Danger of suffocation increases . In addition, there is an increased risk that your baby finds it even more difficult to fall asleep after swaddling and wakes up screaming very often, especially in the transition phase, because suddenly the feeling of limitation and security is missing.

2.3. The closed baby sleeping bag – ours Wombi

Our Wombi baby sleeping bag is a mix of the classic baby sleeping bag and the swaddle bag. He combines the advantages of conventional models: the high quality of classic baby sleeping bags with the limitation of the swaddle; while providing security. The Wombi has a unique closed design, which is only available in Germany. That means the hands and feet of the Wombi are closed. As a result, the babies experience a beneficial limitation like in the womb and can still move and develop freely thanks to the "wide" cut. In addition, the babies cannot scratch themselves and their hands stay nice and warm. It also convinces with high quality standards such as OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics, a chin guard, two-way zip for practical dressing and undressing and changing diapers and is also super comfortable. There are summer and winter models, so you are perfectly equipped for every season. The Wombi is being used by many mothers Transition from swaddling to free sleep deployed.

Conclusion on the Wombi baby sleeping bag: This baby sleeping bag is the perfect companion for safer and better baby sleep. Because it meets the criteria of a classic baby sleeping bag safety and quality concerned, but the closed system also ensures one comforting limitation as with swaddling . The decisive difference to the pucksack is that the babies are allowed and able to turn around with the Wombi! It is also very practical that the hands can be opened through the sleeves and thus the Wombi can be perfectly adapted to the needs of your baby.

3. Conclusion

There is not only one winner, but all baby sleeping bags and baby sleeping bag types have their right to exist. It depends very much on which criteria you value. The sleeping bags mentioned are all safe and of high quality. Are you looking for a practical sleeping bag with a side closure that also consists of several layers? Then the Alvi is your model. If you want to make sure that your body heat is perfectly regulated, then you reach for the Prima Klima Odenwald sleeping bag. Don't you "just" want a baby sleeping bag, but value better baby sleep? Then the Wombi baby sleeping bag is the perfect choice , because it combines the advantages of the classic baby sleeping bag in terms of safety and at the same time ensures better baby sleep thanks to the closed system. For many customers it is also the perfect (and gentle) transition from swaddling to free sleep.


I hope I was able to help you choose the right baby sleeping bag. If you have any further comments or questions, I look forward to it your feedback 🙂

Your Eva from Wombambino