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Frau die Baby in den Armen hält

I recommend the Wombi in my 4-month regression course as a smooth transition from swaddle to sleeping bag and I get great feedback from my participants. I also like to use the Wombi privately: my 8-month-old son sleeps wonderfully in it - both during the day and at night.

Victoria by Kingababy (sleep consultant)

"Our Wombi is sooo popular, we all love him... he has already crept in as a bedtime ritual. Our little one finally doesn't sweat on the neck and even sleeps through the night since she has the Wombi. The legroom when standing is also very practical. I can enthusiastically recommend him as a gynecologist and mother with a clear conscience.”

Gynecologist Narin Güzel

As a baby should only ever be swaddled until it can turn onto its tummy, the Wombi is the perfect sleeping bag to keep babies safe by limiting their movements. Because I know that relaxation, security and the right time are the be-all and end-all for falling asleep, I think it's perfect that the Wombi provides great support for this. Many parents tell me that they notice that their baby can relax better thanks to the special cut of the Wombi. This makes it easy for them to fall asleep and they are also much calmer during the night.

Sleep consult Mama Meike

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  • “Yesterday our Wombi came. and it was worn for the first time at night and what can I say, it was immediately accepted very well. At first I was a bit afraid that she wouldn't like him because her arms and hands are covered and she always cuddles on the cuddly blanket. so we are thrilled and of course he is beautiful too...lg”

  • “Juhuuuuu.. finally something totally practical and at the same time beautiful for our mouse!! Can only recommend him, totally worth it!!”

  • "I really like the design, it's very cute with the... Unfortunately Samuel can't wear it in the summer because he sweats quickly, but on cooler days the Wombi is brilliant. I would also like to have one of these for myself, to snuggle up in and make myself comfortable. I would be very happy about a second wombi for autumn/winter."

  • "Hey, dear Wombambino team! first of all, thank you for this great sleeping bag and above all for the top service.we had our first test night today and are already convinced. my little one was a puck baby from the third week (and has been sleeping through the night ever since) and i was already afraid of disgorging. now that she is 4 months old, she is also becoming more and more mobile in her sleep. in the wombi, she feels really comfortable both when she falls asleep and when she cuddles up in the morning! best wishes and peaceful nights! ela with valentina."

  • "We only really spit up now and then when he was very, very restless. Otherwise it works very very well. He sleeps as much as he spits up (but currently no longer than 2-3 hours) and makes full use of his freedom of movement. We put it on during the day for the first 2,3 days and then also at night. From week 2 onwards he slept spitting up every day and we thought there would be a big fuss, but there was none. He accepted it well. It was a bit big, now it's better but there's still room to grow in. We have the white one with the dinos and the hand parts are definitely not going to be white anymore."

  • "We would like to thank you for the super great Wombabino. We took it one size bigger and therefore it was clear that it is still a bit too big for our sunshine ☀ but we wanted one that fits for a few months now. And our little darling feels really comfortable and fell asleep very quickly. Thank you for the good advice about which size is best for us and the great service. We are curious if he will sleep better with it and also longer at night. The nap is working very well without being restless (so far) Thank you very much ♥"

  • "My little one loves his Wombis. He already had 2 x with summer fabric and now his new one. They are great".

  • "My daughter is now 8.5 months old and we already have the second Wombi...She can't sleep without it".

  • "We love the Wombi! ❤We have spat our little one from the beginning because he sleeps very restlessly. The Wombi was a great alternative when he started rolling over. The transition or changeover went wonderfully! We'll definitely need one for the winter too."

  • "We love the Wombi because our little one can roll around in it. We are already looking forward to the new winter wombis [...]?"

  • "We have had a Wombi since she was born and are very happy with it. She feels comfortable and falls asleep immediately... I don't want to give it away anymore..... [...]"

  • "Our old Wombi and the newly delivered Wombi that will be under the Christmas tree for our daughter this year. She loves the Wombi and sleeps wonderfully in it. Best invention to wean our little Wühli from the pucksack! Best regards to the Wombi team".

  • "I am very happy to have the Wombi, as my little Collin is very fidgety and therefore finds it difficult to sleep, it is the best solution for us! He sleeps very quietly in it and doesn't fidget so much. [...] very nice, pleasant fabric and great designs. I'm looking forward to the winter models."

  • "We love our Wombi! We bought the first one when he was 3 months old and have now reached size L and our 5th Wombi.... he just has to grow into it a bit more. have already recommended it to others. We would be very happy about a new Wombi!"

  • "Our 7th Wombi has arrived, immediately tested and cuddled... great motif! Let's see how the version with the buttons goes down in the summer when the hands are suddenly allowed out... glg"

  • "Our little starfish, our daughter loves her wombi".

  • "Our salvation after pucking, thankeee. ❤️ "

  • "Fabian is 2 years old, he has loved his Wombi since he was 1 week old ❤️ "

  • "We were super helped by our Wombi for weaning from puckering! Now the Wombi has been passed on to the doll."

  • "She was a size S then, now we're up to a L and she still loves it".

  • "Thank you so much again for the prize... my mouse still loves it ❤️ The cold days can begin in the cosy warm Wombi...."

  • "Sleeping was not always so easy. We spat our Beerchen from the beginning, but then the Cosyme sleeping bag became too small and she broke free. Those were very restless nights. I then bought another pucksack, but she wasn't happy in it either and struggled quite a bit. At some point I came across the sleeping bag from @wombambino, which is specially made to wean the little ones off the puckering habit. It worked great for us [...] she is getting calmer and calmer as the sleeping bag offers resistance thanks to the closed system. Lateral breastfeeding and turning also works great with the #wombi. We have been using it for over a month now and it is the perfect sleeping bag for us. I am very happy to recommend it."

  • "First of all I would like to thank you for the great competition today our Wombi arrived and we are so happy, my little one has neurodermatitis and is always scratching. That can't happen anymore I think the Wombi is great I always had problems carrying my little one when she was wearing a normal sleeping bag with our Wombi it is easy to carry her, I thought at first that my little one can't sleep with the Wombi because she usually puts her little hands under her head but even that is no problem as soon as our Wombi is too small we will order a new Womb

  • "We are absolutely thrilled with your Wombis. Since our mouse didn't want to be swaddled anymore at 14 weeks, but she can't sleep otherwise, we feverishly searched for a solution and found it here. It doesn't quite replace swaddling but at least she doesn't play with her hands anymore and they are nice and warm. She has already managed 6 hours with it, which was unthinkable before. After 2 weeks she is so happy every time we put the sleeping bag on that we have ordered a second one."

  • "We are thrilled! Finn could only sleep spit-up before. Thanks to the Wombi, he can now sleep without it. Now already the second night. You are great!"

  • "The first night without a pucksack and with the new Wombi. We are thrilled. She has slept 11 hours at a stretch for the first time in ages. Keep up the good work."

  • "Dear Wombambino team! Now that we have been using the Wombambino for almost 2 months, I would like to congratulate you on this great product! After only 2 days our little one got used to the Wombi and slept through the night without puckering. No more cold hands despite 16 degrees in the bedroom. We will definitely order the next size when we need it and are already looking forward to the summer models"

  • "My daughter is now 8.5 months old and we already have the 2nd Wombi...she can't sleep without it :-)"

  • "The wombi is totally great! And she looks so cute in it ♡ Super quality and very comfortable for baby's skin. Lia Angelina likes it very much."

  • "Hi, I wanted to send you the promised picture of my little Erik in the Wombi. 🙂 Thank you again, the Wombi is really great and my little one, as you can see, finds it totally super to sleep in! 😉 Many love greetings."

  • "Thank you so much for the Wombi! We've been sleeping in the Wombi for a month now and it's great because the little hands stay nice and warm!"

  • "Baby sleeps so calmly, finally the pucksack is gone, because she didn't want it any more and always freed herself. Without it, however, she flailed wildly and rubbed her eyes!!!! Thank you for this great invention".

    Our customer Sophia

  • "Hello dear Wombambino team, as I am so enthusiastic about your Wombis, I crept into the bedroom especially in the afternoon to take a picture of my little one. I was so worried about my son's disgorgement and now he has been sleeping in the Wombi for over a week without any problems. I am so relieved! Thank you so much for this!"

  • "Hello dear Wombambino team, I am absolutely thrilled!!! Since we got the great Wombambino for our Lisa (6 months), we can finally banish the pucksack. We were really at a loss [...] as we couldn't think of sleeping without it. Now it finally works and we are overjoyed [...]".

    Our customer Andrea

  • "I am so happy that we decided on the Wombi. Our little one was an extreme puck child since birth, without puckering he couldn't sleep. I was very sceptical at the beginning, but I really wanted to get our little one out of the pucking habit because he is already 9 months old. So I put him in the Wombi during the day, and bang, he slept without twitching or waking up with his hands. We've been using it for 2 weeks now and I'm amazed at how quickly and easily it worked. However, we still swaddle at night, but I'm sure that will soon be a thing of the"

  • "Without Wombi, little Ben would no longer be able to sleep. After he always freed himself from the pucksack, we were quite desperate [...] once Wombi - always Wombi. My insider tip for all sleepless parents whose children no longer want to be spat on".

    Our customer Vanessa

  • "Oh such a great pattern. We have the sheep Wombi and LOVE it. thanks for the great idea she sleeps so well with it❤"

  • "My daughter loves her Wombi. She sleeps more relaxed and calm thanks to it."

  • "We think our Wombi is totally great: well wrapped all around and still plenty of freedom of movement. We used ours very early so that our little man was nicely tucked in... Hands warm, feet warm, sleeping through the night.... A second one for changing would be great ?"

  • "The Wombi is great! Our Frieda almost sleeps through the night when she wears it, has a calmer sleep and seems to feel very comfortable in the funny starry part ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love it!"

  • "Our little one has grown with the Wombi. We've now got the biggest one. We have one for the summer and one for the winter and think the sleeping bag is really great. Our son was a puck child with the transition to the Wombi and it worked out great. With the Wombi you can crawl as well as walk and our son loves it. We will definitely buy another one for the winter."

  • "The Wombi is great! It would be great to have a second one when the first one is in the wash and our son can snuggle up in it..."

  • "Our winter wombi is in constant use. I love it"

  • "I can only recommend it to everyone! Especially for children with neurodermatitis."

  • "We had a wombambino, yes. Emilia loved to sleep in it and, above all, she slept well."

  • "I have to order another one. My mouse loves it sooo much and falling asleep with it is a dream ❤️. Without it, it's a pure catastrophe and only roars?"

  • "Hello dear Wombambino team, I have to tell you straight away that the Wombi is amazing. We no longer have to swaddle our little mouse, which was very important to me, especially in these temperatures... the changeover also worked immediately. I was very happy about it."

  • "After having to cuckoo for a long time, we are so glad to have come on the Wombi... A good alternative when the little ones get bigger..."

  • "I think the patterns are so great. our daughter was already so big for the new wombis. but next baby i'm buying one."

  • "Best sleeping bag for babies and toddlers".

  • "Hello dear Wombi team, we also bought our first Wombi when he was 3 months old after he was almost too big for swaddling. Since then we don't want to miss it anymore. We already have 4 of them and the size M is now getting too small. That's why we would be so happy about the next Wombi for the winter in size L. Glg Sophie"

  • "Our son feels very comfortable in the Wombis, and now from size S to L all the way through. I also think it is very nice that he has been able to grow into them. He fits perfectly in M, but he also sleeps well in his L wombi. The zip opening from the top and bottom was a great idea...I would have liked to have had it for the S size at the time, but it wasn't available then. Keep up the good work."

  • "Super quality have bought 3 so far and our child has been sleeping very relaxed ever since!"

  • "I am simply thrilled with Wombambino. I have already recommended the sleeping bag to several friends. I even wrote about Wombi in Urbia Forum))".

  • "We are very satisfied and will use the wombi again for our second child. This time probably even earlier".

  • I will soon order the 3 in the next size, I have recommended wobies to everyone, I swear by them! Keep up the good work !

  • "We have a summer wombi and a winter wombi wouldn't want any other sleeping bag. My son has freedom of movement and a better sleep than before the wombambino. We are very happy... Thank you"

  • "I am very happy to have found Wombambino. The transition from swaddling to a normal sleeping bag was a disaster. Since we got the Wombis, our child sleeps much better. It can be rummaged through the bed to its heart's content and played with right after waking up. In addition, the problem of scratching with neurodermatitis has been solved at the same time. We now have the third size and hope that it will fit for a long time. The Wombi is one of the most important items of basic equipment for our daughter. Nothing really works without it. We thank you for this great invention! <3"

  • "Thank you for supporting our daughter's development. After she could no longer tolerate being swaddled but her arms and legs still rowed when she went to sleep, the Wombi was a unique help for calmer nights."

  • "The Wombi really saved us. We really didn't know what to do when our little one kicked himself out of the pucksack. Your Wombi really saved us. And when the neurodermatitis came along, we were perfectly equipped. Thank you so much 🙂 Now we have ordered a Wombi Flex to make the transition easier for our son. Unfortunately, even the L-Wombi will be too small at some point. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! :)"

  • "I am very happy to have found Wombambino. The transition from swaddling to a normal sleeping bag was a disaster. Since we got the Wombis, our child sleeps much better. It can be rummaged through the bed to its heart's content and played with right after waking up. In addition, the problem of scratching with neurodermatitis has been solved at the same time. We now have the third size and hope that it will fit for a long time. The Wombi is one of the most important items of basic equipment for our daughter. Nothing really works without it. We thank you for this great invention! <3"

  • "Great product I would recommend for any child"

  • "[...] we had one of these over 2 sizes away, really a great part".

  • "Our little one is addicted to your Wombis :-)"

  • "Our son loves his Wombi, brilliant option after swaddling".

  • "[...] we had one of these over 2 sizes away, really a great part".

  • "[...] A wombi can be a great help for children with atopic dermatitis to avoid scratching themselves."

  • "Jake loves his Wombi!"

  • “Kompliment an euch! Die Wombis sind echt super und ich muss euch ein dickes Lob für die liebevolle und vor allem plastikfreie Verpackung aussprechen!! Von der schnellen Lieferung ganz zu schweigen. Bin super zufrieden bereits mit dem zweiten Wombi“

  • "Thank you for the great wombies. Super nice to snuggle up with and cute designs you offer. As always, super fast delivery (in a nice package) Keep up the good work."

  • "Such beautiful designs. but we haven't worn the Wombambino for a few weeks now. But have been through 2 generations"

  • "[...] this has been Paula's particularly great companion. [...] my number 1 as a puck/sleeping bag and today a faithful companion as a cuddle cloth ☺️"

  • "We got our first wombi for our sunshine when it was 3 months old. Now we got the next one . Nothing works without it . we have the one with the sea animals . He is sooooo schick❣️ "

  • "[...] they're great, by the way! Leon sleeps great with them".

  • "Dear Wombambino team, what a great product! Our little one found it difficult to sleep, it always seemed as if she didn't know where to go with her arms and legs and often woke up rowing wildly. When I saw the chic Wombambino, I was unsure at first, I was mainly interested in the temperature regulation. Now I can say that the beautiful piece has exceeded our expectations in all respects. The mouse still has enough freedom of movement, but seems much more secure and falls asleep more calmly. She also calms down more easily on her own when she wakes up briefly. Her hands and feet stay nice and warm without her ever sweating in them. The fabric is well made and comfortable on the skin. We will definitely buy the other size as well."

  • "Hello dear Wombi team, we have never really spat, so there is no weaning in that sense. But the Wombi is the only sleeping bag my son accepts. He really hates everything else.......We will probably have to wean him off the Wombi when he turns 18..... or so! Thumbs up for this great invention! Many greetings"

  • "When baby Henk started waving at me more often at night a few weeks ago, it was clear that the time for cuddling was over. And to be honest: I had a lot of respect for the weaning process... Already in the second night he slept like a log. The Wombi is just great ❤️ Good luck for the future! PS: maybe you'll take up the whale design again. It's so pretty and we'll probably need a bigger Wombi soon ☺️"

  • "We love it, we buy more and we have already recommended it to many friends"

  • "Our Wombi arrived yesterday 😀 and was worn at night for the first time and what can I say, it was immediately accepted. At first I was a little afraid that she wouldn't like it because her arms and hands are covered and she always cuddles on the cuddle cloth 😉 So we are thrilled and of course it is beautiful too...lg"

  • "The Wombis are just great. My daughter didn't want to be spat on...but a normal sleeping bag didn't suit her either. So I tried the Wombis. She never sleeps without one. We love them :-)"

  • "My child loves your sleeping bag. When she is overtired, I put it on her and she beams at me. It usually doesn't take a quarter of an hour and she falls asleep relaxed. Thank you. Keep up the good work ; )"