Sleep consultant

Nina Weingarten

I'm Nina, mom to Toni, who was born in October 2019, and Leo, who was born in January 2021. Sleep coaching has become a topic close to my heart and my mission is to help parents relive the day instead of just surviving it.

What I believe in.

A well-rested, patient and energetic mom can create the deepest, most intimate, loving and trusted connection with her baby.

A well-rested and energetic baby is more relaxed, more sociable, eats better, is more actively aware of their environment and has a stronger immune system.

What sets me and my advice apart.

I pay attention to your baby's needs and wishes, but not only that. I pay just as much attention to your needs and ideas and put you as much at the center as your baby. I help you to be a balanced and happy mom.

Every situation is individual and unique and the needs and attitudes of every family are different. I take a very individual and specific approach to your situation so that the whole approach suits you and you feel 100% comfortable. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that is simply imposed on every family.

Why I should accompany you.

I can make an incredible difference in your life so that you don't just survive the day, but actively experience and shape it.

Not only will your relationship with your baby become even stronger, but your relationship with your partner, yourself and your environment will also become more central again. You get your me time back and that is exactly what fills your energy tank again. Because only those who feel energy, love, patience and happiness can pass some of it on. That's just the way it is. If your tank is empty, you can't give anything away. That's why your sleep is just as important as your baby's.

What I want to encourage you in.

I want to encourage you that you
.... don't have to put up with and accept your current situation (although some people around you will probably say: "It's normal to sleep less when you have a baby, you knew that before")
...take control of your life and don't get lost in the negative spiral of the status quo
...gently teach your baby the ability to fall asleep and sleep through the night independently.

Many moms I have advised thought at the beginning that they or their babies would never manage to fall asleep or sleep through the night easily, but I say to you, trust yourself and trust your baby! It really is much easier than you think. Many moms are totally surprised at what they can achieve in such a short time and yet so gently and lovingly. Believe me, you can do it too, get in touch with me!


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