Spitting made easy ... with the baby sleeping bags from Wombambino

Child sits on the floor and looks upSpitting made easy, with the Wombi and the Wombi FLEX from Wombambino! With their unique design, our wombis offer the opportunity to wean babies gradually from swaddling in an uncomplicated and needs-oriented manner. With our concept we show a possibility how the Wombi can be optimally integrated into the weaning from swaddling and what enormous advantages this brings with it. Gradual weaning easier than ever!


But why swaddling at all?

Babies feel good swaddled! Clearly, babies love it warm, close and cuddly. Space was limited in the mothers' bellies, the temperature was mostly between 36 and 37 ° C. They only know it that way, this is their home. Suddenly in the world this tightness and warmth is gone. It can be explained for adults, but for babies? It is not surprising that many babies lack this security. Swaddling brings the solution. Wrapped tightly, the feeling in the womb is imitated, it is tight and warm. This technique helps many babies to calm down and sleep better at night.

The Moro reflex also plays an important role. Babies have this reflex until the 3rd / 4th. Month. This reflex manifests itself, among other things, in the baby's sleep, in which the arms are jerked out straight up. Many babies wake up to this jerky movement and then have to go back to sleep. To prevent this, swaddling is also used.  


Weaning from swaddling

Baby wrapped in a blanketSo why take this feeling of security again? First the babies - as recommended by Vielerleis - are laid on their backs to sleep and they stay in the same position all night. However, babies go through various stages of development. One of these stages of development is turning. With this development step, however, swaddling becomes a dangerous sleeping technique. When swallowed, many of the little ones manage to turn from back to stomach, but not back. In the prone position - and not to forget with your arms lying flat - the risk of suffocation is increased many times over. The baby should therefore be weaned from swaddling at this stage of development at the latest.

From should to want: Not only does turning become tricky, but with increasing strength of the little ones, they manage to free themselves from the puck technique. At the beginning an attempt is made to somehow get a grip on the liberation with tighter wrapping, other techniques or other systems. Some nights are then spent with repeated re-pucking. At some point, however, this becomes an exhausting act that you want to get rid of.


Advantages of the wombis

And this is where our sleeping bag comes in. The closed system, like swaddling, recreates the feeling of security in the womb. The legs and arms are covered with fabric, but they still have the application freedom they need - especially if they have long been turning! With our unique system, babies can use our Wombi as early as 3 months - whether to wean from classic swaddling or to use the many other advantages of our Wombi. You can find more here Advantages of our wombis.


The Wombi as a solution to spit out - The 5 steps to gradual weaning

In general, be patient! Swaddling cannot be weaned overnight, give yourself and your baby the time you need. When you start weaning, it is best to first test the individual tips during the sleep phases during the day. If your baby accepts this step during a sleep phase, you can then tackle it more easily for the night. Don't be unsettled if it doesn't work right away and if the first few nights are more restless than usual, that's normal.

Level 1 | Initial situation - the classic swaddling

Baby is swaddled on the tableWith classic swaddling, the baby is wrapped tightly with a cloth or swaddling bag so that the little arms are tight against the baby's body. The feeling of limitation from the womb is thus modeled. Security is conveyed.






Level 2 | Slowly unpitching with one arm free or changing quickly with the Wombi

Baby swaddled on the floor with one armVariant 1: loosening one of the arms. The baby is slowly getting used to sleeping without the tight swaddling around. Hence, one arm at a time is released.  

Tip: The wombi can also be worn under the swaddle / swaddle bag, so that the little arm is still covered with the wombi when the little arm is free. The feeling of limitation still takes place in every part of the body. But watch out for overheating!


Baby lies on the table in the wombi sleeping bagOption 2: Direct change to the Wombi. A direct switch can also work. Especially when things have to be done quickly and the babies are already turning. The Wombi offers the advantage of limiting the entire body combined with the desired freedom of movement. The security remains!






Level 3 | Slowly unpitch, in which both arms are free

Baby lies on the table with her body swaddledIf the quick change directly to the Wombi is not possible, the next step can be that now only the body is swaddled. The baby's body is still wrapped tightly, but now the second arm is added to the arm that has already been freed. The baby can still feel the tightness of the body.

Tip: Here, too, the Wombi can already be carried under the swaddle / swaddle. But here too, overheating should be considered.



Level 4 | Transition to the wombi

Baby lies on the table in the wombi sleeping bagIf the variant of slow unpucking was chosen so far and the Wombi has not yet been used, then it comes into play here at the latest. Now you can always use the Wombi. Due to its closed system, it still gives the feeling of limitation, so that the security of the womb continues to exist. Nevertheless, it has the advantage that your baby can turn and move as it wants.




Level 5 | Wombi FLEX as a combination of closed and open system

Arm of a baby in an open sleeping bagThe Wombi FLEX is the solution for the final weaning from swaddling. With this model, it is possible to open the arms so that the hands can regain their unrestricted freedom of movement. The Wombi FLEX can already be used as a closed system in the previous stages.