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Product & function

1.1 What to do if my child doesn't like the Wombi?

Patience is the order of the day. The transition from swaddling to our Wombi doesn't always happen overnight. One must pay attention to the signs of one's child here. We always recommend trying the Wombi first with 2-3 short naps a day and only when the reaction of your little one is positive, then trying the Wombi for the whole night. Basically, babies need about 10-15 minutes to get used to the new sleeping gown. If your baby still doesn't like the Wombi at first, then in most cases it helps to try the Wombi again 2-3 weeks later. In most cases, your baby was just not ready to be unswaddled at that time.

1.2 Can my baby also sleep on its stomach with the Wombi?

YES, because the Wombi was specially designed to allow full freedom of movement. Since the little ones can move their arms freely in the Wombi, they are always able to roll onto their stomach and back again.

1.3 Can my baby still grab his pacifier or other objects with the Wombi?

YES, since the hands are free in the Wombi and the fabric is not too thick, the little ones can easily reach through the fabric for objects. In addition, toddlers do not think in a complicated way when acting as we adults. They work with what they have and try to achieve their goal with it.

1.4 Is it easy to put on and pull off the Wombi?

YES! In our design, we made a point of making sure that you can dress and undress your baby quickly and easily. We know the situations when it has to be fast and we know that toddlers can also be impatient :-).

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Returns & exchanges

2.1 What if I want to send the Wombi back?

If you want to return the Wombi, please send it back to the following address:

Logentu Logistics Ltd
Einsteinstrasse 10
95643 Tirschenreuth

As soon as we have received the package and we have checked the goods, the money will be refunded to you immediately.
Wenn du per Banküberweisung bezahlt hast, dann brauchen wir dazu bitte deine Bankdaten.

2.2 What if my baby doesn't like the Wombi, doesn't like the fabric, or something else? (30-night test phase)

We at Wombambino give you a 30-night test period to extensively test the Wombi. :-)
If our baby sleeping bag couldn't convince, after all, you can send it back to us within these 30 nights/days.

2.3 Is my return free of charge?

Gerne würden wir euch eine kostenlose Retoure anbieten. Aber als kleiner Onlineshop haben auch wir sehr mit den steigenden Versandkosten zu kämpfen. Daher sind die Rücksendekosten grundsätzlich vom Käufer zu tragen. Sobald wir hier eine Möglichkeit gefunden haben, bieten wir euch die Retoure selbstverständlich sofort kostenlos an.

2.4 Help, the Wombi is way too big! What can I do?

If you find that the Wombi you ordered is still too big, we offer you a free exchange service.

Simply send the Wombi back to us with a brief note in the package that an exchange is desired and which Wombi we can send back to you free of charge.

If the new Wombi differs from the price of the first Wombi, we will discuss this with you individually by email and we will surely find a solution. :-)

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3.1 Which Wombi fabric is suitable for which season and temperature?

Our jersey Summer fabrics are ideal for the time of Late March to mid October. Our fluffy Sweat fabrics are perfect for the cooler months of October to March. Optionally, depending on the region and room temperature, we always recommend wearing a footmuff with you, which will keep the little ones warm even on very cold nights. This does not affect the function of our sleeping bag.

3.2 What should my baby wear below the Wombi?

This largely depends on the room temperature, which is handled differently by each mother. Therefore, no general recommendation can be made here. From the pure diaper to the long-sleeved body with additional socks, however, the Wombi leaves all options open. Here, it is simply a matter of regularly checking the temperature of your baby in the usual places such as the neck, etc., and adjusting the clothing under the Wombi if necessary.

Please also check out our table on the advice page.

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