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The right size

Which Wombi fits my baby?

When making our Wombis, we made sure that your favorite sleeping bag can be worn for several months. In order to optimally guarantee the functions of the Wombis, however, the selection of the right size is crucial. This is how you can choose the right size fro your baby:


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One of the main functions of our Wombis is the transition from swaddling to free sleep. To ensure this main function of the Wombi, it is especially important that there is a slight resistance on the hands for the babies. So that babies get that secure and safe feeling that they know from mom`s belly! Therefore, we therefore recommend starting with size "S", especially for mothers who wrap or swaddle their child.

By switching to a Wombi, it can happen in individual cases that a baby needs some time to feel really comfortable in its new baby sleeping bag. The Wombi should first be tried out during short afternoon naps so that the little ones can get used to the new baby sleeping bag!

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The right temperature

Do you prefer a summer or winter model?

The layers of clothing shown in our clothing and temperature guide are recommendations only. Ultimately, parents need to consider the child's individual needs and determine the number of layers of clothing based on the temperature of their sleeping environment.

Unser extra warmer und dicker Winterwombi mit TOG 2.5

Für die besonders kalten Nächte und etwas kühleren Schlafzimmer haben wir unseren beliebten Winterwombi in einer extra gefütterten Variante im Angebot. Er erreicht dadurch einen TOG Wert von 2.5 und sorgt dafür, dass auch in ganz kalten Nächten euer Baby nicht friert.

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Is it too cold or too warm for my baby?

Signs that the child may be too cold and may need to put on one or more layers of clothing or increase the room temperature include:

  • the child's neck feels cool
  • the child wakes up frequently and all other factors such as a full diaper, hunger, etc. were not the reasons for i
  • the child often wakes up early in the morning and cannot fall asleep anymore

Important: cold hands do NOT indicate that the child feels too cold

Signs that the child may be too warm and may need to remove one or more layers of clothing or reduce the room temperature include:

  • the child has a red head / red cheeks
  • the child is sweating
  • the child has fast heart rates and/or breathing

According to various expert opinions on safe sleep, it is also generally important that a child sleeps in a safe sleeping environment. It should sleep on its back, without additional blankets, pillows, cushions or cuddly toys, etc. Cots, extra beds, cradles, or bassinet are suitable, especially if they are placed in the parents' bedroom.

Important to note: covering your head during bedtime can lead to overheating. In general, overheating is more dangerous than when the child is too cold. Overheating should therefore be avoided as a matter of urgency.