The Wombambino story

We are Wombambino

- From the idea to the first draft -

The Wombi is really no ordinary sleeping bag and you are probably wondering how we came up with this idea. The first time we became aware of the special sleeping bag design in America. We had friends at the time who had a baby that regularly deprived them of sleep. If it had already helped countless American parents, we thought, then it might be the solution for our friends, too. After looking around in popular German online shops for baby clothing, we were amazed to find that a comparable sleeping bag was nowhere to be bought in Germany. So we commissioned a seamstress to sew such a sleeping bag - our Wombi prototype - as a present for our friends. And what can we say, our friends loved it! That was the impetus for us to offer the sleeping bag in Germany and thus also to help many affected parents in this country.

- Wombambino opens the doors -

In 2016, Wombambino finally opened its (online) doors at Since the foundation in the Bavarian town of Neustadt a.dd Waldnaab, we have been happy about every single customer that we could so far. 

A lot has happened over the past few years: We have expanded to Europe, have continuously expanded our range of products, and further optimized our sleeping bag with the help of our customers. Patrick emigrated to India at the end of 2017 in order to privately support young social entrepreneurs and to work for disadvantaged children. 

With Wombambino we are actively working to help babies and their families - not only in Europe, but also worldwide. Therefore, in addition to continuous product optimization, we also work closely with other partners. With the Smile Foundation In India, we have set up a cooperation that ensures that disadvantaged babies and toddlers have a healthy diet. With every purchase of a Wombi, there is not only a bit of better sleep in the children's room. With every sale we also support babies and children who would otherwise have no access to healthy, essential food.


We work every day to develop products that enable babies and mothers to have a restful and healthy sleep.


We only offer what we can use with our own babies with a clear conscience. 


In addition to many years of experience with our customers, we also have babies and mothers in the team who test our products anew every night:) 

- The people behind -

These are the people who work every day for a better baby sleep and are available as contact persons for you. In addition to our "adult team," we've recently had another addition. Emma is the newest team member, joining us in mid-2019. She is now our most critical product tester and is also allowed to stand in front of the camera from time to time as a Wombi model.

  • Sebastian, Silvia & little Emma
    Sebastian, Silvia & little Emma
  • Patrick
  • Sandra
  • Maike
  • Amit
  • Alena

We are happy if we can help you and your baby! If you have any questions, comments or new ideas, we look forward to your feedback : )

Your Wombambino team